It's the middle of November. The leaves begin to change color and the weather becomes cooler. I love fall it is one of my favorite times of the year. I also love November because we get so much time off of school. This week we have a four day weekend and we only have to go to school three days and then we have a whole week off for Thanksgiving.      I love Thanksgiving. This year we are going out of town to my grandparent's house. on Thanksgiving day we usually go on a three mile run called the Turkey Trot. I know that most people think we are crazy running around the morning of Thanksgiving and most people say at home with their family and eat really good food. Our family is very active. The whole family runs in this race and the ones who can't come anyway and take picture and cheer us on. Even our grandma runs with us. But sadly this race is in Fresno and for Thanksgiving we will be out of town with the not so active side of the family. So call me crazy, but my brother and I are going out by ourselves and running. Then after our run we will go home and eat with our family.

11/9/2012 05:40:17 am

I love your topic! It is so orginal! That is seriously really cool that you do the Turkey Trot, and way to keep up the spirit. Your blog was well written. Happy Thanksgiving Paige!

11/16/2012 05:39:21 am

I think how you spend your Thanksgiving is unique and a good way to burn off all the extra calories from the Pumpkin pie. I should start thinkin about that...... I love your blog and I think you did a very good job in explaining it, but I think you might have added one to many spaces in between The sentence ending with Thanksgiving.

12/3/2012 05:38:01 am

You make November sound better than I thought it was, I like it. The only problem is that you forgot a comma in the beginning of the third sentence after fall, it sounds a bit like a run-on.

12/3/2012 05:39:47 am

I think that your post is very good!, but in the third sentence it is kind of a run on sentence. Also, I think that maybe you should try to make more compound sentences instead of having lots of short sentences.


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