The week of the 22 at Computech is Drug Free Week. This is one of my favorite weeks because we don't have to wear uniforms. Each day has its own theme. On Monday the theme was "being drug free is no sweat" so on Monday we got to wear our favorite pair of sweats. Tuesday was "we are too bright for drugs" that day we were wearing neon or bright colors. Wednesday was"drugs aren't cool, be different so we had to wear mix and match clothing  Thursday was crazy hair day  Today Friday, Is don't do drugs and stay in the game, so we are wearing our favorite jersey. 
      I think that this week is so important because drugs are becoming a big problem. I think that our school raises awareness in a fun way. We have fun and are crazy, but we all know, and or learning that drugs can ruin your life and it's important to know that the will. I encourage all students to have fun during drug free week and to live a drug free life. 

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